Saturday, August 4, 2012
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"The Healing," the suspense/horror film by Star Cinema featuring the Philippine "Star For All Seasons" Vilma Santos and one of this generation's hottest young stars Kim Chiu. A masterpiece of Chito S. Roño, who also directed the blockbuster films "Feng Shui" (2004) and "Sukob" (2006), "The Healing" tackles a Filipino belief in "faith healing,"
a so-called spiritual process of healing the diseases and disability of a person.

Rituals and practices are done to stimulate the divine presence and power to solicit divine intervention in initiating spiritual and literal healing.
credit to Reyn Adonay--

for me. this is one of the most good movie that I’ve seen for local movies. I’m not actually a movie goers but i really like it not because to Kim Chui hihihi♥
anyway when it comes to setting, production, acting and scene and twist i can really say that movie was so good 

we watched this movie last week- july 30 with my Accenture friends. carene,ace,nica.aimee,mieand :) in Robinson galleria. We decided to choose R18. haha and that is scheduled around 10pm

before kumain muna kami ng late dinner with Hongkong fried noddles :3 super gusto ko yun tlaga anyway sila nica at aimee nag Mcdo sundae lang ayaw mag super enjoyed kahit late na din yung show. I also enjoyed the company with this gals hahaha chickboy! natapos ung movie around 12am. then around 1-2am na ata ako na kauwi :) nice bonding moment with accenture BFF. its kind late to post this but i dont care hahaha .

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