Saturday, August 4, 2012
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last day we just have small talked to miss jean with nica.( by the way she's my team lead.) that is regarding to our contract in accenture. you know, we'll just being alarmed because its almost a week before our end of contract. so nica decided to approached miss jean thru OC but since miss jean seated beside miss michelle (our manager so called Mahal na reyna ) then she can't reply on OC since she's not involved or not the one responsible on that issue regarding vendors or to her contractual employee. so she decided to call us and talked to us privately. 

the conversation goes like this : well nica and gilbert regarding to your contract and your situation.. yun nga alam nyo naman na di ko rin masabi yung kalagayan nyo. wala din naman ako direktang kausap kasi si michelle yung kumakausap regarding sa mga contract nyo diba. basta ginagawan ko na paraan yan. alam ko naman na breadwinner kayo. so if come worse to worse pwede naman kayo ma endorse as data analyst for regular post or hahanap tayo ng open post within accenture since gusto nyo talaga ng office work.

well so much thankful ako at si miss jean yung team lead namin napaka sincere at di ka talaga pababayaan  .
very grateful ako. if ever wala talagang  magagawa ready naman din ako since BS Nursing ako di ko rin naman ineexpect na tumagal sa isang clerical set up.  well hopefully may magandang balita or may magandang kapalit na work if ever. yess goodvibes

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