Tuesday, August 7, 2012
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 today is august 8, 2012 then it just happened that Philippines suffer on a stormy day. 

scary and crazy heavy rain fall all day out,this actually like a storm. actually this bad weather is continuous for almost a week and its kinda creepy.

Philippines and its capital city is already drowned on a flash flood. many people and our fellowmen suffered for this bad weather. many houses and places within metro manila already stuck on water. public transportation, public and private sectors , private and government companies are already paralyzed. our water dams and rivers are now over flowing and continuous to run within the metro. and now we're just reaching the critical level for those affected places. all of us are praying for our safety and to survive for this trial.

on the other hand, there are some reason why we suffered on a flash flood. being not accountable for our on action is one reason why we're gone this. disrespectful for our rivers, mining, illegal logging and side by side garbage and many to mention reason. so this reason is enough to blame ourselves why we suffered like this. 

8:7-12 is about Noah's Ark. Today is 8-7-12

and this speculation starting to circulate online. kinda creepy and scary right. now I'm bout to start to pray to end this calamity. and everyone be safe.

 nosebleed na ako >_<  i hope this night maging ok na lahat . if that speculation is true? so this will be the start for the end of the world, no way. and i wish that's not true. sa ngayon faith and prayers ang pwedeng gawin. i know god will never let us suffer and i believed that every one of us is guided by him.

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