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my world seems like a roller coaster for this past few days. i've been struggling for all emotion. career, future, decision, opinion, feelings, and that's how i called it L-I-F-E .my life wasn't boring because of this. and the least i can do is to take some time just to think of it and after that is to laugh  haha :) 

well, i been taking the recep area for two days because last Wednesday ace is on a sick leave. so carene will be the pet admin for that day. and that was so a tiring day for me. i had a 100+ candidates and i been talking for the whole day. ( so i know how hard to be alone in that area. since carene been there all day.) anyway, i think i've been traumatize with carene .. the feelings of being pressure is always there. like every move that i make. i need to be more precise and perfect and i need to make sure that all that things are falls in carene's approval and should be right. now i'm kinda scared of her *_*

then thursday, carene texted me that she's been feels lazy about her work load. so she informed ms. jean that she's been feeling not well and being stressed out about her work load and she need some rest and time to think about her plan. so that day, i been taking the recep area the whole day.and same feelings during the last day. i've been worried about everything because of carene. ( traumatize )
anyway, me and ace we're talking about our future plan, regarding career growth or what will happened to us after this and were also talking about carene's move and about her decisions.

in fairness to carene we're also talking about that matter last day. and she seems so tired about her workload and issues regarding career growth. like what she shared to me that her all colleagues are all ok  when it comes to their career path not like her, that she's been a sub-con for almost 3yrs in accenture and she's been worried about her security as employee. so she need  to step out  to make new decision about the path she want to go through. 

"kung iisispin mo nga naman, tama naman sya. kung dapat na sya ma-alarm sa aspetong ganoon. siguro nag-reflect lang si carene ng kung anong meron at kung nasaan na sya ngayon. which is right. because in some point kailangan natin i-assess yung sarili natin kung nabubuo na ba tayo bilang matured na tao.

pero na isip ko lang din na mali sya? kasi sa sitwasyon nya ngayon., parang ni-mag karoon ng savings di nya magawa. na kung tutuusing ay para lang sakanya yung kinikita nya. ni walang umaasa sa kanya at walang magulang na naghihintay sa  iaabot nyang pera. na parang doon pa lang ang swerte nya kasi may chance sya na maghintay sa opportunity na dadating  galing accenture. di rin naman kasi biro yung investment nya sa accenture.. ano ba naman yung magihintay muna sya at wag mag papaapekto sa mga bagay bagay. di pa nya tinanggap yung offer sa kanya noon. be responsible enough before you step out to your comfort zone and deal for challenges.yung di ka lang dedepende sa mga taong nasa palagid mo. 

minsan pag dumating na yung opportunity na ibibigay  sayo,wag ka na mag-alinlangan kung wala ka naman ibang paraan at plano pa, para di ka magsisi pag naisip mong huli na lahat at gusto mo na umusad.pero di ko naman din masisisi si carene. may kanya kanyang pinag-dadaanan ang bawat tao at may iba't iba ding mga dahilan at paraan kung paaano natin malalagpasan  lahat. siguro may sarili syang plano at diskarte sa buhay.

~because of this, Ms. Jean talked to us. regarding for our future plans. if we're still willing to extend our contract. for me i'm still grateful if i'm still extended. i still enjoying my stay here because i learned a lot far from my wildest dream hahaha besides this kind of evironment helps me to be more confident and i earned a lot of experiences.  but i hate the pressured and presence of carene. (traumatized haha) well my goal is to   work out of the country and being settled out there. hopefully**.  for me this is the least thing i can do for my family and for myself.because i want to be a good provider for them.

anyway. Ms. jean treat us in Chattime. nomnom :)
i don't have any idea about there product. but i already tried it once i think its Pearl Milk Tea :) anyway by this time i tried Matcha Mousse. strong flavored tea mousse. its kinda weird if you're not fan of milk tea. but for me its really taste good. ace told me to mixed it up with the mousse, so the bitterness taste will compliment with the mousee. well for me that is a good choice and healty for our digestion.
(picture is not mine. provided by google )


well my friday is a blast of happenings.
a scheduled date with my gateway friends and also a bonding moment with nica and aimee, since they're planning to move out for good. oh well!  another career issues. Aimee decided to file resignation last decemeber and her last day will be on tuesday ( jan 15) she also planning to work abroad too. and i wish all the best for her. she's been a good friend to me ever since at dama ko yun haha. wag lang syang mangungutang :)

and nica has a pending application in Quatar. she will be there soon if everything is all done. well another goodluck for this chicks. i know nica need this so badly. she's a breadwinner of her family and lot of responsibility is on her shoulder. i hope that she'll be ok there. matapang naman yan hehe :D

carene,nica, aimee, mama roma, ace

we ate first at pepper lunch here in gateway before we start the movie. hehe ace recommend  me to try this one. " beef pepper rice" well i like it because its our choice what seasoning we want to put on. " its a "honey soy sauce" and  "garlic soy sauce" Y_Y i'm not sure how they call it haha anyway, i put it all on my plate. so its kinda spicy after i mixed all the stuff on my plate. so for me its pretty taste good :) nomnom ^^  there is a "bitin factor" haha its not suit in my appetite since i prefer a huge meal. not worth it for php. 145.00 with out drinks. but the food  itself is really good.

after that we watched "one more try" but nica wasn't able to watched with us. she has an overnight with her highschool friends in tondo.  anyway ace, mama roma, aimee and carene. we're so affected about the movie. well nice movie they're able to discussed all sides. how can you deal to this kind of problem if you're both committed  and what if you're the wife, what will you do? you actually share you're husband ? and if you're the man who unconditionally inlove to that girl with had a dying child and willing to do anything just to protect her child. are you willing to give that chance to be selfless and accept all the things. even if your ego as a man is dragging down. this story is a picture of drama but eventually they're able to accept all the consequences.

 like in real life, there's always a chance that we need to make decision even if against to our will. because we need to. kasi yun yung tama at yun lang ang paraang pwede nating gawin. and but then, there's always some point that we need to be selfless and trust the people you love.

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