Thursday, December 20, 2012
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done watching Korean drama A Gentleman's Dignity. a story of a friendship and being a middle man's age journey. Genre of comedy and Romance. really like this series. very much interesting that how they keep their friendship through the years and how they put meanings to each other.

i like the part when  Choi Yoon mourn for his lost as his wife passed away. this part show how friendship is really vital to anyone. like when you need someone to cry on and times that you need to be weak and there's someone who actually willing to support you all the way. this kind of friendship is really hard to find. well we need to consider the sincerity of the person before we call it as a friendship. besides they are able to show the different dilemma that one friendship could possibly been through. like choi yoon and Im Tae San being torn between Im Me Ah Ri as sister and one you love. and Kim Do Jin that being one sided in love to Seo Yi Soo that actually in love to Im tae san that her bestfriend  Hong Se Ra's boyfriend. ang gulo diba? haha but this problem solved eventually and after all they're all happy.And they also tackled here a common problem of one couple. infidelity and divorce of Lee Jung Rok and Park Min Sook is one of crazies thing here. haha comedy and drama.

~well i really like this story. i hope that i have a best buddies like them. i mean guy bestfriend  like we should do the same things that commonly use by boys. like sport, games, girls, and other stuff. hehe but i'm really glad to have all my gals bestfriends . well they're all important to me ( i hope they feel the same way ) :)

over all : 9 star :)

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