Saturday, November 24, 2012
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last night we watched breaking dawn part 2 with duday.  hehe i remembered that we also watched the first sequel of twilight a year ago at the same mall and that was in SM NORTH edsa. good thing because last day is a FRIDATE so everyone has a date destination so i was left alone in office. actually not literally left alone. it just because all the onboarding team and the ABS team has an a year end party at onion bar that is along timog (not sure) mejo ingit lang ako because i wanna go there also hahaha but i'm not part of their team and because i'm sharing the same room with them that's why i left behind. then carene also has a date with leo so "nganga" lang ako hahahaha. nice thing after lunch duday texted me and i asked her to watch this movie and she agree :)


 unexpected story.well if you haven't done read the book, you'll be surprise and excited about the story like me :)
 beautiful cinematography.
 haha i'm not professional but i like how they edit the movie. especially the intense part between bella and edward scene (bed scene) romantic and very passionate scene
 i really like it when bella awake as vampire and everything fall as different from her. good life being a vampire portray to that scene and suddenly i dream to be vampire somehow hahaha well my fantasy
 breath taking for those aerial scene.
 because of the high definition shoot / camera. some of the scene seems fake
 obvious graphical enhancement that they use as background and the baby kinda creepy because its a obvious modified graphical effect but still she's cute in some angel hahaha
 SUPER NICE INTENSE FIGHT SCENE :) i felt the excitement and the urge to kill the verturi family hahaha
 over all i'll put 8 star :)

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