Friday, November 2, 2012
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November 1 is all saint's day. as our traditions, this is the day that we visit lolo and lola's tomb in Holy cross cemetery Novaliches. well nice weather to go to cemetery. much better than to have rains that day. as usual, high sunshine and a heavy traffic is the only problem. like u wanna fade in the middle of the streets because of the hot steam coming from the ground and polluted air. darnn**

well i'm with my two siblings (tintin and tongtong) and we meet duday  along the area. haha she's been part of my family for a year (one of my best friend) and then we go together to meet my relatives there waiting for us. :) tito nilo, tita violy, ninang, ninong, john paul and tito jun and alex are already there. well nice reunion after all. like tito jun. he's been newly arrived from saudi. they're chatting all day.

me and duday are also chatting all day. we just talked about our lives and future plans hehe as usual we also talked about her love life. sometimes i don't get her. she's been in a complicated relationship for almost a year. no matter what, that is her choice. is just being redundant about complaining about her situation right now. after all there's no any changes after i give her advice. useless** 

well i can't blame her. you cannot choose what situation you really want when it comes in love. i should know more this. love is always mysterious.

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