Monday, October 15, 2012
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last Saturday morning mia call me, she’s been terminated from her work as call center agent as she failed for berlitz exam. She’s been crying over the phone because needed that job so badly. I felt pity for mia because I know that feelings. But like what I told to her, if your opportunity lost, there’s another opportunity that really for you, it’s a matter of waiting and faith thou.
~I hope mia will be ok after this I know there’s another job that will fit for her. Maybe being a nurse is really for her. God gives us another choice and another opportunity to be in our best shot. J
just to feel better, after that  We decided to meet on the following day together with gile First we went to Quipo church and then we go to SM Manila just to watched movie.  The plan is just to watch a “movie fiesta”, it’s a back movies that will cost 25php. But since we was already there, we choose to watched a regular movie (even though I had a second thoughts, because I’m on the middle of lot expenses for this month. I think I need to control myself spending too much for not so important things. Lately I’ve been so compulsive when it comes spending too much money. FRUSTRATING)
Anyway. So we choose “SINISTER” (second choice is “this guys inlove with you mare” but just we think that could be worth it to watch a foreign movie than a local one?. Hmm but I’m dying because I wanna watch that movie starring with TONI G. :~ another dilemma if I need to save another budget for that movie. GASTOS fudge :*)
Anyway. Hahaha I have a short Movie Review about “SINISTER”.
~ Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror. (from youtube: james kearney)
I like the twist behind the story. Those creepy and scary scenes are so damn good. I'm really scared. that scene when the pause video moves and stare to the main character, That so scary and the scene when Ethan Hawke is in the backyard just to pick the flashlight that he drop because he is in a hurry just to save his daughter. There’s freaking ghosts standing behind his back and the dog barking continuously because of the present of those spirits and suddenly disappeared. And one more things, when his son possessed by spirits. Suddenly come out from the box bending his body.  Scary indeed T_T
I don’t know. I think the story is like “the Ring” and somehow like “saw” or there is some part that same twist. But anyway I like the whole story :D  I give 9 out of 10 not bad right.
I watched the trailer again. So scary I can’t help it my heart start to pump it again T_T

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