Friday, October 5, 2012
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Oh well another daily experience post J first Saturday of October so far so good for now hahaha so much excited about weekends, you know hihihi. Like waking up so late in the morning, watching TV all day, and online a couple of hour. Hay that’s life J

Friday is a toxic day for me. Feeling the BB all day but instead, I just go to the flow so the bad luck will be vanishing. I helped carene on the reception area because that will be a busy day for us. 30 job offers and I think 200 applicants (well sourcing team do their job so well)  sorry for carene , I think we’re just having trouble after lunch time because after we ate there’s a lot of candidates waiting for us to manage them. And for those schedule for interviews. They are clogging on the rec. center, and miss jean noticed it.  (Our team lead) T__T I felt so guilty 
because that’s is our responsibility to control everything

Well I almost forget to clean my dishes and brushing my teeth T_T

I managed those candidates for interview right away without cleaning my face. ( I got so oily skin, embarrassing on my part)  I think carene get irritated on me. Because my role is to help her not to ruin everything T_T I felt so bad for that, hahaha if she already know, I’ll always do my best to help her. But think that is not good enough.

Imagine, one of the scheduled candidates, i tried to send her home without conducting her interview T_T I almost die . but the nice part, the candidate noticed that she’s not even done for interview, and decided to go back just to clarify it. Hahahaha

And im like:
“sorry I didn’t noticed that you’re not done for your interview,, sorry J kaw naman kasi kinuha mo yung thank you letter, hahaha”

And just we’re laughing so hard after that, J luckily that candidate is so nice and jolly also. Thank god that she passed that interview J

Well lot of epicfail on Friday

· * Wrong phone number (sabaw at nganga .nag mukhang tanga ako )
  * Slow tracking. Honestly, I don’t have skills on typing  (bagal, parang pagong or tense lang ako)

*    * Buckle all the way T.T

       *Pagod much and    Oily skin

On a brighter side: they just noticed me that I’m cool that day. “pogi ko daw” hihihi

Because of my get up hahah I don’t know if that is a compliment or a sarcastic observation hahahaha. Well for me that is a compliment hahaha

I just wore:

  • ·         my v-neck shirt from baclaran , that cost 180 for two selective items.
  • ·         Varsity jacket: blue and black shades cost: 280 baclaran area
  • ·         Sneakers color gray and yellow stuff at the back cost:300
  • ·         Jeans from bench sales cost:600

nice to be vain and clean hahaha i need somethings to do. next week, i just wanna do something about myself.  my goal is pampering my self because i deserve it. :)

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