Monday, September 3, 2012
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Sunday afternoon I received text message coming from a very good friend, well I thought we’re good friend enough to understand each other, or enough to know ourselves about treating each other. Well I’m trying to say, that being concerned to a friend that really mean to me,
 Is somehow, not healthy on my part. You know that feelings when you overly attached to someone, to the point that you care for her and yet she doesn’t see you as friend that maybe worried about her. Even thought she knows my feelings about her before and we tend to be a good friend. That fact is enough to understand me why I’m being worried about her because she’s especial to me not on a romantic way. But because after all were still good friends.

I’m so disappointed about her text message to me. I don’t know, maybe I don’t expect that words coming from her or maybe I’m too much attached for our friendship.  I don’t want to post the actual message . But the thought is “masyado akong nag-jujudge sa pag katao nya, di ko man lang tinanong yung taong kasama nya, pinapalabas kong mababang babae xa. Well wala din daw naman xang kailangan iexplain sa akin. At na offend sya  message ko”.

Maybe I’m too harsh on my word,  pero diba nya na iisip na nag alala talaga ako sa kanyan, na baka may masama mangyari sa kanya kasi lasing sya that time. At bilang kaibigan alam naman nya na mag aalala lang ako sa kalagayan nya. I know there’s no need to explain on me. Maybe I’m just a mere friend and not her boyfriend. So that’s why, I don’t have any right to talk to her like that.

But still I’m Hurting about that. I’m just losing some concern about her. Maybe I need to make some space between us.

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