Sunday, August 19, 2012
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Long weekends so I start my plan to go out with athena and gorlyn ( that is Saturday J) hehe window shopping  at sm north,  actually I didn’t know that our plan are still on.  And I’m just wearing “pambahay” hahaha as usual I looked like “alalay ni athena” hahaha.

We ate at food court.  Athena ordered rice with chicken and pork bbq, gerlyn choose shawarma and that is so lame food ever Y_Y) and she don’t even eat the cheese and some vegies stuff on it. Hahaha . And I bought street wise KFC, chicken burger that have cheese outside that is placed on top. Honestly, I don’t like it because it’s so dry inside J haha.

After that we’re just walking around and chatting about our career hehe .  lagi naman naming ginagawa yun ee, at least may katuturan naman J and then I also bought slim jean at bench hahaha sales ee sayang naman. I wish to have one before so I grab the chance. That is 500php not bad right. We also visit some pet shop around the mall. Athena want to buy cage for her hamster, anyway she has plan to adopt hamster again.  Yun dumaan din kaming trinoma pahinga sandali yun tapos umuwi na din kami .

Sunday morning I received call coming from mia and then she invited me to go out with them together w/ gierly. Originally, we’re going to drop by on quipo church and then we are going to watch movie at sm manila.

May mall tour pala si Danielle padilla , yun kaya tuwang tuwa si mia J di naman namin nakita sa dami ng tao. Then we’re just about to watch movie. We already have the ticket but suddenly gierly ask us if ever we tried to hide her cellphone. However, it is actually gone. Mia tried to call gierly’s number or we are just hoping to return it or to pls. the person who actually got it. Luckily, it has already surrendered to the guard and we are happy because there is someone has a good heart to afford to return it. Super kinabahan si gile binigay lang kasi yun ng tito nya. thank you kaya KIMBERLY EDEN for her good heart :)

Yun ok na at nakapanood na kami ng STEP UP REVOLUTION hahaha masaya naman kasi nilibre kami ni mia.. first payroll nya sa Convergys . masaya naman kasi after mahirapan ni mia Ok na xa. Alam ko naman na  sobra na din nahihirapan yun. Mahirap naman talaga maghanap ng trabaho. Since were all nurses, I know that feelings duh!! :)

Anyway, I enjoyed this first 2 days of my long weekends. Happy but my wallet is almost drained and to the point, I need to withdraw cash. My god, I need to manage my budget for this cut-off. There is a lot of stuff I want to buy, maybe next time I’ll try my very best J

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