Thursday, August 9, 2012
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    I have been sensitive lately. Secretly I have been hurt and offended by my friend.  I do not know if I reacted so much. I know myself why I felt this. I tried to understand people how they treat other people or how they treated me.  I believed that as much as possible I want to be bubbly and polite person to anyone. I know that is too good to be true but I love people to see me as good as angel J
For a guy, that is not usual -- to be soft spoken, to be friends with so much girls J and shy and soft not like other man. And I admit it  that I’m vain, soft spoken and I had a lot of girlfriend but not to the point that to be considered as a gay T.T some people get me wrong and think that I’m gay L  ( I feel depressed right now) ever since that is my problem. When i was a child and during my early adolescence days I been always being bullied and teased.  Since then I always choose to be alone and choose people to get along.  My childhood memories are a nightmare for me. Yes I’ve been traumatize and no one knows that. Di ko nga alam kung paano ko kinaya kung early stage ng buhay ko J well i  think that is my personality to easily cope up to everything.
But you know, it’s very tiring to explain everything about myself\yourself as if they understand me the way I want everyone understand me. One time my friend teased me online. and I felt so bad, this scenario is usual thing for me. Nevertheless, I am still being offended. There is a time that my former workmate teased me online and that time I’ve been so much irritated to her so I just blocked here on my page J hehehe as far as remembered she always teased me in front of other people. That is unprofessional right? You do not need to make fun of other people just to claim the credit.  One thing more, one of my high school friend also teased me online, I post a photo album online then he dropped a comment on it. You don’t believed it that he post this “baklang bakla ah haha” well after that i blocked him also J  as simple as that. Di ko sya kailangan Kapal nya mas pogi kasi ako. Muka syang sandokJ muka pang may tuberculosis hehe :3 sorry for the word, I’m just being pissed off.
Well you cannot please people. They always want you the best but actually, there are not. I don’t have any bad impression or experienced to a gay \bisexual person. Actually there are people have a good personality, mood and happy attitude. But the fact that some stupid people around me always teased me, make fun of me and degrading me just to satisfy their feelings.
For the record, I am not a gay. Maybe I am too vain and soft for the usual man but it doesn’t mean that I’m gay and stuff. But like what I said earlier I’m still hurting when there’s someone teased me out of nowhere. But so much pain when that someone is your close friends or someone that really mean to you. That feeling is like being betrayed by someone you love or feelings that someone will stub you behind your back. Because for me , I just love those people around me like my family and I invest so much trust for them. I don’t know maybe I’m too much attached to those people and easily get hurt. I know its sound ridiculous hehehe. That is my point of view and I don’t care if people don’t get it J. I think I need to be more broadminded and understand them well J ako na lang iintindi sa kanila, yun lang naman yung solution dun. Maybe I try to be more masculine enough J

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