Sunday, August 12, 2012
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 When I was on my college days in Fatima, at first I’m kind of scared and nervous because that is my first time to go out on my comfort zone. and I’m just starting to make my new journey as student, freshman, teenager, and for my future.
All the things on my college days are all brand new for me. New faces, environment, time, places, perspective, point of view and school. Honestly, there are some questions on my mind that time. What if I failed this? Can I afford to have back subjects? Or what if I can’t do this? I am so weak and alone that time and i don’t have even the  
 courage to face everything alone.

The time goes by. And I met some friends and company along the way. The true friendships last since day one with Gerlyn and Athena. J Way back on that moment, I don’t have any clue if that friendship could be forever or work on us. But to today, I must say that friendships are still intact even though sometimes we’re not perfect to understand each other but still we love each other. That is our friendship J

Gerlyn is a kind of girl that strong outside but deep inside she’s a typical girl that soft and sweet (sometimes J)  I know that she is longing for someone that could love her purely and endlessly. I believed that she has a romantic side in spite of her boyish attitude and gesture. And I think that Romantic side is influenced of those novel books that she red. My first impression to her is like a witty and geek girl on the class. Braided hair, simple shirt and jeans.  That is how she looks for our first meeting.  As far as I remembered I am the one who asked her name first on our chemistry class then she answered me in ENGLISH. Hahahaha that time I was kind of shock and I am about to asked myself that girl is so smart hahaha funny right? Well not usual for me to talk to me in English that time. Moreover, I am not wrong this chick is indeed SMART . We knew each other for almost 5 years, which is enough to love and understand her for all dramas she had.  i wanna hug her >,<

       Athena is my BESTFRIEND and my little big sister :3 we been together for so long time. First Impression is just a shy and weird girl on wall. Short/dry hair, skinny and petite body. And I don’t even imagined that we will be a good friend hehe. but to today she looks much better than before. 
Magkasama kami sa duty. Kung pwede mag kasama sa lahat ng activities sa school. Sa loob ng ilang taon mag-kasama kami nyan day and night. All throughout kami mag kakampi nyan through thick and thin. Sabay mag review at nag tutulungan pag kinakailangan.
I love this chick J she makes me feel that I’m worth to love as a person even though we’re not biologically siblings, she treated me as her brother and she shows me that even stranger could find family not by blood but family by heart. J kahit kailan di ako pinag damutan nyan, tinanggap na parang kapatid. Natutulog na magkatabi at tinuruan ng mga bagay na di ko alam. Nasasabihan ko ng mga problema ko at ni minsan di ako hinusgahan nyan.tinatama at sinasabihan ako kung may mali sa akin. May mga bagay siguro kaming di pinag kakasunduan pero alam ko na naman I handle yun mga ganung bagay. I mean gets ko na ugali nyan hahaha, yung tipong di maintindihan ng iba pero ako gets ko na hahaha J

Nalulungkot lang ako, kasi uuwi na xa sa Marikina. Di na xa magdodorm dito sa valenzuela.  Nakakamiss lang yung bonding namin. Lately we are kinda busy for our own stuff kaya wala din time mag hang out.

No matter what, I would always love these two chicks! J

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