Friday, August 10, 2012
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Well I’m talking to myself right now. Actually I felt so lonely and alone lately for these past few days. It’s all about my career. Very frustrating on my part because I really don’t know what things I should need to prioritize.  Being a nurse is my ultimate dream and I took it for almost 5 years just to fulfil that dream. Life is ironic. Now I am a Registered Nurse since 2010 and I have been working to BPO Company as admin staff for almost 1year. It is like having money but I already had a license on my pocket. It is as you have choice to what you really want and what you really need.

However, life is as complicated as we expected. Like my situation right now, as much I want to pursue my dream or goal but as of now my priority is my family and our financially security. So much, sacrifice if I insist to continue my goal to be a nurse although it is so easy to practice my profession.  SEMINAR and VOLUNTEER, work hard but no pay? This is what you called devotion and dedication but for my situation right now, I need to be selfish to myself. I need to weight everything that is between my family and my career.

Maybe someday I will be a better nurse. I had lot of experienced that I need just to be competitive. In addition, I hope that someday I will be successful as what I wish.   

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