Sunday, September 2, 2012
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 Last Friday we had send-off party for nica and mieand, nica will transferred to cybermall while mieand resigned.  This is celebration of happiness, freedom, and new start.  Yes! All of us are hoping for new start for them.

Mieand is a very good friend.  A woman from tondo J kaya matapang ee.may pinaglalaban lagi. Well I know that she raised with own perspective and belief.  Nung una pa lang iba na pag kakakilala ko sa kanya dahil sa kwento ng ibang tao. Now I believed that there is someone who drags down other people just to put herself on top. And myself is a proof that people get easily judge someone even though he\she don’t actually knows that person. Believing ourselves, that person is a bad. Because we are all persuading by few words coming from one person with have bad intension. This quote is true. “Don’t judge the books by its cover” and “when you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself”  “don’t judge people by what you hear about them. Give them a chance to show you who they really are.” subukan mo na lang kilalanin ang tao bago manghusga. Dahil mas masama pa yung taong maninira sa kapwa nila at ang taong naniniwala sa paninira ng iba.

Mabait, prangka, sweet, taklesa,mapagbigay, at mataba hahaha well she already knew that. Masaya ako at naging close ko xa at nabago ko yung pananaw ng ibang tao sa kanyan.

Nica is a sweet little girl. Who actually longing for love. Well, based on my observation and perception about her. She actually wants to have a serious love story. Because the last time I see her in love is actually the wrong person and wrong time. I want the best for her.  Kasi napaka sipag, mabait at dedicated na tao nyan. Halos pasan nya yung bigat ng responsibilitad ng pamilya nya. And I salute her for that. Well, love is always there, is just a matter how we see it without trying to catch it. (maybe this is for me hahaha ) lol.

~masaya naman yung party at inuman namin. Nagkalabasan din ng loob si jhay ann at mieand with participation of jen hahaha. And dami ko atang na inum na redhorse
-hoping for the best for us :D

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