Saturday, August 25, 2012
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 I’ve been so obsess in DEATH NOTE lately.  Nice anime series.  Well since then I’m anime fanatics. One of my friend ask me to watch death note before, but I’m kinda busy for so many things hehe like school and now for my work. But since I have some spare time in office, one of my workmate reminds me that death note is a nice anime story. So I’ve been watching it for almost 4days hehe

i like the story and how it flows. the twists and some logical stuff there is one of the things that i look for. haha actually i really want to have that note book "the death note"  how i wish that there's a death god could actually give to me his/her death note. or maybe "the eyes god of death " but in exchange i need to give half of my life T_T but i preferred the death note :) 

now looking forward to meet the other character for the next series.

Well maganda talaga yung kwento may twist yung story nia di boring J. Super nice din yung mga character. Since then gusto ko talaga yung name na “kira” hehe  siguro kung may guts lang akong mag cosplay hahaha gagawin ko talaga to.

here's the link i found: blog about "death note" 

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