Saturday, August 25, 2012
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Lately, i got my bad habit to sleep so late, like 3am in the morning, and then I woke up as early as 6:30 am because I have work in 9am T.T bad habit right?

Sometimes I feel so lazy to clean my face or even washing it with clean water. because I’m so tired all day long just like even cleaning myself     that’s why in the next morning my face get wasted T,T so much pimple hay, I’ve been doing this habit for a week and then my face get worse day by day..  

So my dilemma is how I supposed to get rid this pimple in just one click hahaha magic lang?
Kahit di naman ako masayadong nagpupuyat may pimple pa din ako. Nanakakainis lang talaga nakakababa ng self-esteem. Hay ever since yan talaga problema ko. Dahil sa pagka-vain ko kung anu anu na ginamit kong skin product. Nakaisang basket na nga ako ee hahaha

Oily and dull skin T.T why me, I think its genetics. Hahaha hay I need to search more effective men’s skin care. But lot of those products are coming from abroad and its cost expensive. Gezzz! I DON’T HAVE BUDGET FOR THAT hahaha. Maybe there is a local brand that less expensive and effective J cross finger**  and I need to find out .

Do I need to have scheduled for derma consultation. I don’t think so hahaJ grabe di naman ganun ka worse mukha ko. Mild lang naman to. Nakakainis lang yung mga pimple marks. Panget tignan kasi hay nako!! >,<

May binili akong pimple remedy sa avon; hehe  blemish rescue instant spot corrector. So far effective naman napapadry nia yung pimple ko yun J hahah yun ok namam.
One of my friend, told me to try to use maxifeel. But I’m kinda scared to use it. Because there some rumors that product is harsh on skin. Pero na try ko naman yung astringent no. 1 yun hinahalo ko xa sa eskinol J well so far ok naman di xa ganun katapang J

well sana maging ok na  tong mukha ko soon. Goodvibes J

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