Friday, September 21, 2012
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I don’t know, I just being frustrated about everything happened in my life. Oh my god, here I am again paranoid about life. Errr T.T I hate this feelings. Sometimes this thing makes me tired and hanging for something I don’t even know. Complaining about everything why this happening to me. Self-pity again.

I should be happy because I have work. However, deep inside im not happy or even enjoying those things because I know that I don’t deserved that. Scanning, printing, receptionist and those admin tasks. I know some people around me think that I’m not good enough to do some higher task. That is the frustrating part about my life.

The funny part is I know that I can’t , but if you give a chance to improve or to do it well I know I can do that. Just a matter of time J anyway I know that I’m better hehe .
(lesson: don’t let yourself down)

Hay I’m just think about resigning or what. Because i’m no longer happy about working environment and I need space between us. I’m talking about to a friend. (u know who) but still I’m enjoying the companion of my friends there. Hay, I don’t know..  maybe I need to find new job before making some decision. J  Thinking about that is giving me a headache and a heart break as well >,<  that could be the hardest part about making a new life after all. I know how hard that is. NAPAGDAANAN KO NA YAN. Looking for a job is most difficult part mentally, 
emotionally, financially and even spiritually because you need a strong faith just to overcome those hard times. I could still remember those times when I was looking for a job before. Oh my god!  @_@ I don’t want to imagine it again and even to experience it again L

Life is so complicated. Full of challenges, and our duty is how we deal to it. Pls. I need goodvibes and positivity  J anyway I’m still lucky even though there are some shit thing happening in my life. Thank you lord I have friends, best friends and family J

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