Saturday, September 15, 2012
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I got Random question coming from a friend. She asked me if there is a chance that I think to have someone special or girlfriend because I’ve been so lonely and alone for so long, well since then hahaha lol.

Anyway, and I answered like this, “minsan iniisip ko din yan. Xempre minsan naiisip ko na malungkot yung mag isa ka lang sa lahat ng bagay, yung tipong wala kang karamay, dati nga pati mga kaibigan kong mg bf pinagseselosan ko. Yung tipong dati may time kami mag bonding pero ngayon xempre priority na nila yung mga bf nila, hahahaha (bestfriend no need to mention nahihiya ako ). Well self-pity forever.  I just want to spend my time to someone I truly love. I hope Makita ko na sya hahahaha nagmamadali lang.

ayaw ko naman tumanda mag isa >,< (hala napaparanoid na ako)~
well wala di ko pa-talaga naiisip yung ganung bagay, kasi ang dami kong dapat unahin.  nan jan lang naman yan. dadating kung dadating. no more rebound love. things become more complicated if you insist.

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