Friday, September 21, 2012
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One of my former college friends chat me thru facebook. Well she’s my crush J I don’t know I find her cute and pretty. Anyway we chat, she is the first who tried to reach me. Then she asked me how’s my life and I answered that I’m ok blah blah blah…

And then she asked me about career and stuff.. Then suddenly she asked me what is my number then I give it to her. And vice versa I also asked her number..  and then she told me to text her and I told her that I don’t have load and i'm so lazy about texting hahahaha J
And were continuing chatting blah blah blah… hehehe and then she about to asked me about my love life. And I answered that I don’t have girlfriend and even dating to anyone.  Then I asked her too. and she start to tell her love story,Then she’s been broken hearted for a year ( I guess). I know where was going this conversation. Hahaha

Ang pogi lang ( paniniwala ko) J ewan ko ba parang wala ako sa mood makipag flirt online. Pero alam ko na gusto nia makipag kita kasi tinatanong nia ako kung may lakad ba daw ako, so I make some ally by ( assuming T.T) Hay. I don’t know I’m so lazy doing those things. Hahaha or maybe I’m not ready to fall inlove haha. And I think if ever we meet, maybe she might be disappointed about my face. I got so much pimple and my face so wasted. L

Hanggang flirt lang pero serious love affair di pa ako ready L I don’t know. Maybe I too scared to hurt or just a rebound love.  the last time i checked her profile, i think she's already ok with her boyfriend. well so happy for her.

~why people do some moves when they're brokenhearted. looking for someone who can ease the pain. NO FOR REBOUND LOVE

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