Sunday, September 23, 2012
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Tired about arguing. so sometimes I just ignore it. Some people don’t understand it. They keep me pushing to my limit until I clash. But as time goes by I just want to stay calm and  put myself out of the pressure. My technique is just counting 1 until 10 and take a deep breath. Then I do clearing my throat because I want to stop the feeling of crying or feeling to explode the angry inside of me.

And I don’t understand why other people say something about other people or they want to tell something to someone but not directly to the person they want to tell . “Nagpaparinig” I don’t get it the logic behind that action because it’s so stupid.

It’s because they want to prove that I’m wrong and it’s my fault?. “kung kasalanan ko, inaamin ko naman ee, and I’ll take the responsibility of it.” I do say sorry if it’s my fault, even though it’s not me, I ‘ll keep saying sorry because i just want to have the guilt free feelings.

--nakaka asar lang yung pakiramdam na ikaw yung pinariringgan kasi alam mo na kasalanan mo din kasi, pero di naman tama yung way para ipaalam na kasalanan mo. Di naman lahat perpect ee. Akong yung taong tumatahimik lang pag masyado na akong na ooff . di naman ako pikon. Hanggat maari sasakyan ko lahat ng joke kahit minsan offensive na on my part. But still I just keep trying to put everything on a brighter side.

Well I’m just aiming for a peaceful and stressed free life . mukhang Malabo yun J everyday may mga bagong stressor, sana sooner or later maging ok lahat ng bagay. Susubukan kong maging maayos at masaya araw araw J

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