Saturday, September 29, 2012
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Actually I don’t know what I’m going to say..

This post is all about moving on. Well moving on in a sense of individual growth, it has been a year since Valenzuela city was been a part of my life. There’s so much memories that I invest to that place. College life, friendship, dreams, and journey.

Athena will be moving out on her dorm for good. she will be going back to her house in Marikina. Well honestly, there is a sad thing on that. That dorm is mean to me. Well for me, that place is my escape, sanctuary, and hiding place. Moreover, I couldn’t imagine how’s my life will be without those experiences on that place. Friendship that we share on the 4 corners of that room, it’s a priceless experience.

Those laugh and tears that we shared. Those sleepover and movie marathon are the things that I really missed. Food trip and eating spaghetti together are how we spend our spare time together. Sharing those secrets and gossips are the things we looking forward after we seeing each other. Keeping those memories makes me happy, the fact that I’m belong to that place, I must say that is my comfort zone and my security blanket as well because I know that I’m secured with them, secured mentally and emotionally.

Well I’m sad because it will be going a long distance friendship. Hehe but still I’m happy because this is the best time that we grow individually especially athena, she will now facing her new life and new chapter as individual and as a career woman as well. I know that is not the last time we see each other.

Siguro matatagalan lang yung next time pero for sure magkikita pa rin kami ni athena, hello Marikina lang nman yan one ride apart. Di na mahrap yun. We’re old enough J soon sana sa hospital na ang bonding naming as a real NURSE together with our friends. Riot sa saya yun J

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