Saturday, October 13, 2012
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Here is a lot of random story within this week J

So I been trying to hide from carene since Monday, you know I’m just trying to make some space bet. Us (this is regarding to a judgement issue or should I say A FRIENDSHIP issue) anyway like what I said. Keeping that line between us is so hard on my part. One thing it is because we are teammates. So every day I always see her in the office and every morning I help her on the reception area. lalo na kung may event almost whole day I was on her side tracking those name and answering those annoying phone calls.  Well we’re still good friends after all but still I’m on the process of healing (drama lang haha J)

And every time I read that text msg from her. I felt so wasted, and pity for myself because I don’t deserve it . all I want is to make her safe. And my intention is to keep on her mind that we are all worried for her. Well past is past :D time to forget it.

However, my point is. Is how hard to make some excuses just to avoid her. Hahaha well at least 1 week na di kami sabay umuwi, making those lies just not to wait her haha sweet revenge right. those times that she does the same things with me, hanging me alone without asking me that she can’t go with me because she need to do something with her bf, or hanging out with her friends.  As simple as to ask me about that.. well no need to explain that things with me :D anyway no reason for me to get mad.  Maybe I’m reacting too much but still im hurt.

Another story, I have a workmate that has a talent when it comes to handicraft. So nice right. He is a gay. Well I don’t have any issue about them. Those gay people are very talented and very artistic in some ways. joebent is very nice guy. i hope the best for him and for his family.

there's more. One of my workmate shares her secret to me,. I feel so flattered being trusted by someone you totally don’t know: D 
(well I already know that secret because her friends told us her secret, well I know that is not intentional it just happened that some brought up some topic that related to her secret, so unconsciously that secret revealed)  well my responsibility is to keep it secret. How I wish to restrain myself not tell to anyone. PROMISE J

"I like when you learn a secret about somebody, because then you look at the things they say and do in the light of that secret. You understand them a little more and why they are the way they are."

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