Tuesday, October 9, 2012
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I just missed abby. I don’t know y, but suddenly I felt this way. We just talked since last month I guess?. Hmm I think she still disappointed about our laguna trip. Because she can’t able to go with us. Hehehe actually it’s our fault or should I say our plan not to tell to abby that our laguna trip still on. The reason why we left abby because we think that she might be not comfortable about commuting because we have a short budget for that trip. So I guess much better not to go with her.
Kasi naman, sa dami na ng napuntahan nya na place baka sanay na xa sa maayus na byahe.we just think,baka madisappoint lang sya after naming makarating dun. So less hassle on our part, is not to go with her together with ron. ( her bf)
I feel sorry about abby L we don’t really mean it.  How I wish to go back time, and  to go with her..i just missed her so much. The time we went to church and divisoria that moment is one of the things that i really miss. By this time she already busy with her work and  with her part time job.  Hopefully abby will be ok J looking forward to meet her again,.
Abby is one of my closest best friends, my guide and sometimes my protector.  She is the one who always next to me. Those dreams we shared thru the years of friendship, i always remembered how we used to talk those dreams when we are together. Discussing it without even knowing about those people might hear us because we’re was on a public place :D I just miss sharing those funny jokes and green jokes hay. I wanna see her soon L I hope everything will be ok.
masyado ako mag-pahalaga sa kaibigan.. minsan iniisip ko kung mas mahal ko pa sila sa mga pinsan ko :) i dont know if that is good or just overly attached.

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