Saturday, October 27, 2012
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last Thursday we had an early halloween party in recruitment center. some of my officemates that already have baby. They also brought them. we had a lots of games for childrens and also for us haha. all childrens are wearing costumes and they're all adorable and cute :) How I wish to dreamed to have my own children soon :) 

we have also given away candies after those games.

"simple things make us happy. its a matter how we appreciate it or how we deal with it. be positive as always"

after the party, carene and i was decided to see miguel and lana at trinoma. it was unexpected plan.were just eating and chatting the whole time. and we just drink a couple of tanduay ice at padi's point sky garden. i'm super happy to see them. especially miguel, he's been busy because in school taking up his medicine degree. and as friend. i'm so proud of him :) 

~i dont have picture to share. i'll just post it once lana upload it. :)

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