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Yes!  After planning this gateway ,finally we all out last Saturday together with the on boarding team Ms. Les, Ms. Leah with her daughter , Jen, Jhay Ann,  and Roma and of course our team CMT. Ms. Ai. Carene, Ace with her sister Kim, Lana (our friend) and me.  All in all we’re 12.

I experienced a Lot of first time there. Like, my first time to ride RORO and having a short trip on water going to Puerto galera, white beach, fire dance, and infinity pool.

~can’t explain the feelings when I was there.  A little bit sentimental about everything. Well time to relax and unwind. It’s much better if I’m alone but anyway I’m happy having them to that trip. So much fun taking some picture around the place.

First we rode bus going to batangas port. So we just take here in cubao station ( I don’t know what bus company is that) anyway right after we reach batangas port, our next stop is to ride RORO and that is the best part before we reach the Puerto galera. (from cubao to batangas port (bus) 2 hours, tapos from batanggas port to puerto (roro/bangka) 1hr & 45 mins-2hrs . so mga 4 hours na biyahe )

~nice scenery across the sea after we leave the pier. Well nice to reflect after the stressful life in the metro. Yung alon ng dagat, yung amoy ng hangin saka yung lamig ng tubig. Nakakarelax talaga pakinggan yung alon na galing dun sa engine dun sa back part ng roro. Sobrang nakakaantok yung feeling kasi yung hangin. Kahit sobrang init nakatulog pa rin ako.

After we reached the Puerto galera port. Our shuttle is already there waiting for us. Kuyang driver si very accommodating and kind. Hehe he acts like a real tourist guide. It takes 7-10 min going to Puerto nirvana resort. After a very short trip on the street, finally we already reached the resort. I don’t know. I felt disappointed about the resort, It because I expect too much? Or its far different to those pictures online. Sinalubong nila kami ng welcome juice na tunaw yung yelo at nagsettle na yung flavor sa ilalim ng baso. And saddest things are the infinity pool and the seashore. Infinity pool is not that big and I think is not well cleaned or maintained. About the white beach that we look for is not there. How could you imagined that the resort is in the front of a sea full of pebbles and rock and you can’t swim because all the dirt form the other side are taking away to the side near in the resort. So we need to take shuttle going to the other side of the island just to see the white beach and it will take 30mins.

Anyway in spite of this we enjoyed the day. Like we take so many photos on the resort, white beach and we also enjoyed the infinity pool J well good things in Puerto nirvana is the people. They’re all kind and accommodating. Nice scene from the resort to the other side of an island. Well indeed relaxing and peaceful place when you need time to unwind.

here our pictures:

me, kim and ms. leslie @ RORO going to the beach.

ace, kim and me

one of my favorite shot by ace. scene at the infinity pool. nice scene because of the natural background

Night life at white beach puerto galera : mama roma, kim and ace

puerto galera port. our shuttle going to puerto nirvana resort

great shot from Lana's SLR. photograph by carene

mama roma, Lana, and carene

mama roma, jen, jhay ann and ace.

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