Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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 oh well this past few weeks. I've been busy about my nursing career. one of my relative asked my mom, if i want to work in hospital as a trainee nurse. oh well mom say yes. because there's one time that i told to her that if I've been given a chance to practice my profession i would rather grab that opportunity.  right after that. kuya jayson advised me to prepare my necessary requirements.  so i need to have photocopies of all my school docs and i also need to have NBI clearance as well. huhuhu :(
hayyys. i just remembered how hard to get NBI clearance. because of this i need to lie that i have my eye check up on that day to be able to a lot a half day just to get it. then i've been scheduled to get it after 5 days. wtf! so i let my sister to do it since allowed to send someone to claim it. after 5 days my sister told me this : "kuya muntik ko ng di makuha yung NBI mo kasi daw yung picture mo dun my strap ng bag. buti na lang napakiusapan ko na yung bantay dun". technically is not my fault,  from the very start since that is not allowed to carry a bag or something ,why they let me to do it. " naku buti na lang binigay nila NBI ko. kundi aabsent ule ako para i claim or mag pa picture para lang sa pag kakamali nila."

anyway after a week. i've been advised by kuya jayson that i need to report at Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital on the date that he given to me. so i was like excited and kinda nervous about the opportunity
that was given to me. i dont know if i'm enough prepared . hahaha my mom also excited for me. she already wash my white uniform and prepared my white duty shoes..

well the actual day is here. so i woke up early as the usual time that i used to.i prepared all the stuff i need. after wearing my white uniform i felt that " this is dreams is gradually granted" :) happy much.

i take jeep going to monumento and take a jeep gain going to recto. i also asked the driver if his route could pass at Jose Reyes Hospital and he answered me YES! so I'm confident that i can see it along the street. but i will takes awhile i've been worried bacause there's no sign that we've been reaching it i asked the driver  " kuya malapit na po ba  yung Jose Reyes." he answered me "hala nako lagpas na tayo. sige maglakad ka papunta dun at sumakay ka ng jip" --kaya pala nag bago kami ng daanan

anyway when i was already there, i don't know what should i do or who should i need to look for. so i asked the guard where is the main entrance. then he said " ah mag eexam po ba kayo? dun po yun sa 5th floor" so i hurried to get there. while going up stair, i've been talking to my self like this "my god, may exam pala hindi ako prepared ano kaya isasagot ko" that time i don't have any idea about the exam and i was like "bahala na" so when i was already there. i approached the admin staff and i asked her about the nurse trainee and exam. so she checked my name on their list. and she couldn't find it. so she advised me to go to the chief nurse office down stair. so when i was already at the chief nurse office, they asked my name and i explained that i was advice by sir Jayson to report on that day. and then they checked again my name on there list and as usual they couldn't find it gain. but they're already advised me to fill up the RN Heal form and be come back on the other day at 10am for my first day as trainee.

i was so shocked because I'm not available on the given time. and then i explained to them that i'm currently employed and i'm only available during night shift and during weekends. then they told to me this. "mister, hindi po kami tumatanggap ng part time job dito, wala din kaming night shift at nag sstart ang duty ng mga trainee nurse dito ng 6am-10pm. so pls. set your priority mababa lang yung sweldo dito kase sa work mo ngayon at yung program for nurses ay magtatagal ng 1 year." 

so i've been disappointed because i really want this chance. i don't know, I torn between my dreams and reality. so i decided to text Mia since they are along the way. instead to go home early. i just choose to go with them for job hunting. after a few walk, chatting and Job Hunting. we decided to drop by at SM Manila to watch movie fiesta :) and we watched the LOCK OUT. well nice movie after a  very tiring and depressing day.

 Yes I'm a fighter no matter what happened. i'll fight until the end.. 

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