Sunday, December 9, 2012
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today was xian kurt christening my cousin Aldrin second son and i'm one of the ninong :) we're close during our childhood days like buddies and we used to play always. as time goes by we're separeted by chance. anyway xian kurt is so cute kamukha nya si mariz nung baby pa ( his tita ) well may konte lang akong problema kasi di naman ako sanay sa ganung invitation tapos high school  classmate ko pa si KC ( his mom ) i'm kinda shy 0_0 and i can't help it so i asked duday to joined me. hehehe  nahihiya lang ako kasi malamang invited yung mga close friends ni kc nung high school ee, classmate kami nung 2nd year high school. and i had lot of bad memories during that time hahaha kaya super nahihiya ako since di naman ako close sa circle of friends nya.

anyway duday and i really happy being reunited again hahaha. she's always part of my family affair well i always asked her to join us haha and my family already know that she is my Bestfriend since highschool. anyway we're spending our day taking a lot of picture haha and i taught her how to edit pictures. and she really like it. :)

after christening. i'll be invited by bestfriend tiff to join them on bestfriend jamie's crib to have a sweet dinner. hehe chatting lang saka asaran namiss ko sila sobra lalo na yung pang aasar ni bestfriend tiff. super sweet ang daming food na niluto ni bestfriend jamie. may porkchop and chopsuey. ayun super kwentuhan din with bestfriend diona. hahaha kahit naman inconsistent yung si diona miss ko din yun. simple lang pero sobrang laughtrip lang pag kinakausap mo na hahaha. anyway mejo asar lang din ako kay jeck yung boyfriend ni bestfriend tif. well he always teased me below the belt. anyway dahil cool ako at sanay na ako sa ganun.sasakyan ko na lang, ayaw ko naman na stress dahil lang sa ganoon lang :) well i changed and choose to be matured enough. abundance forever \0/  ang dami kong kaibigan most of them mga babae i don't know kung healthy ba yun on my part. hahaha anyway masaya naman ako na mas close ako sa mga babae. mas gusto ko lang  kasi yung kwentuhan kesa sa mga sporty things na usual na routine ng mga boys. minsan na isip ko din naman na magiging magaling kaya akong basketball player hahaha or maglaro ng air soft..  hahaha takot lang siguro ako mag magkaroon ng physical injury T.T ang boring lang pala ng buhay ko. mag-eenjoy na lang ako. :)

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