Thursday, December 20, 2012
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Sword art online is anime series that I’ve watched lately. This anime introduced by my friend (carene) so I been curious about the story because my friend really excited while telling this anime. She told me that this anime is one of the top anime series online. So I watched it right away.
Well it’s really interesting when my friend spoiled a little bit of the story. It’s all about online game that the players are actually inside the game. Then it just happened that they’re unable to log out from virtual world and the journey begins.
The creator of SOA kabaya Akihito warned all the players that if they want to be free they need to reach the 100th floor of the games tower and need to defeat the final boss.  So they need to be alive like their avatar in the virtual world because if there is a chance that their avatar in SOA die, their bodies in real world also die as well. a main characters kirito need to be skilled just to beat the games.

Along the game and after 2 years being in the virtual world. Kirito meets Asuna a female players whom he eventually falls in love. All the ways they’re both aimed to beat the final boss. After a long journey they discovered the identity of kabaya’s avatar in SAO . they defeat him, to let them free and all the players from the games.

Upon returning on the real world. Asuna and some  group of SAO players has still not awakened yet. So another journey starts again to find asuna on a virtual world VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online (ALO) land of virtual fairies.  Some of the trapped players ALO are part of illegal experiment on their minds to be under control including asuna. This plan aimed by Nobuyuki Sugō successor of SOA. He really want to marry asuna in real world just to take over her family’s company. Because of the helped of his sister Suguha,( but actually Suguha is his cousin that really in love to him. But suguha tried to ignore her feelings toward her brother and tried to be in love to kirito on a virtual world. But suddenly learned that her brother and kirito is the same person that she knows. A heartbreaking moment for suguha but she finally realized that no matter what happened kirito would still love her unconditionally as youngest sister)  kirito able to stop Nobuyuki’s plans and finally reunite by asuna in real world.
 ~Well I really like the story. You know, I’m not an online gamer. I mean, I don’t really play online games like other guys. But I really want to learn it. Yeah it’s cool when other knows that you’re an online players and actually skilled when it comes on virtual world. haha anyway I think their characters are really cute in cosplay. One thing that I really want to try soon. J

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