Friday, December 28, 2012
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I've been tagged by new blogger friend Apriil. so i need to post 25 random things about my self. well i'm actually hate to do this because i'm "lazy head" hahaha. well since it's sound interesting i'll share some of my randomness.

here the rules:

once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note, with 25 list of anything random about you. It can be a fact, a habit, a goal, or just anything else under the sun. Next, tag 5 people you want to know more, plus the person who tagged you. Game? Here goes mine..

uno. i'm not gay :) well defensive because people might think that i'm gay.
dos. vanity is my favorite sin.
tres. i hate pimples as they like my face. haha *mortal enemy
cuatro. i really love cats.
cinco. i had a lot of gal bestfriends than having a guy bestfriends. & i love them as they love me.
seis. i hate bullies
siete. mangoes is my favorite fruits. all the sour stuff** i think :D 
ocho. frustrated singer 
nueve.i love Photoshop
diez. camera whore
once. i do love korean drama and kpop
doce. i like anime and i wanna try cosplay. hihi
trece. i crash and fall in love but my heart broke apart. but now i'm happy being alone 
(still longing for someone) no more bitterness. i've realized that i deserve better. hihi someone who actually love me unconditionally.
catorce. i can't live without TV. i really like those TV dramas with revenge  soapopera*
quince. dreamer and believer.
diez y seis. hindi kami mayaman hahahaha. sakto lang** but still grateful :)
diez y siete. i love nature. so i want to travel the whole Philippines and the whole world. captures those breathtaking scene because its a priceless things about life. Photography 
diez y ocho. i'm always nice and i tried to smile although sometimes i feel bad about certain things. well its not being fake or whatever. for me that's being matured to understand anything.
diez y nueve. sleeping is my escape
veinte. i hate confrontation
veinte y uno. color blue is my favorite shade.
 veinte y dos. i love chix hihi :D
 veinte y tres. green joke
veinte y cuatro. i hate my mom when she's start shouting and blaming for something. badvibes** . but sometimes parents didn't know how bad we feel when they start talking for something we don't mean it. hahaha  but we still love her
veinte y cinco. i hate numbers. but i really love money hahaha

here you go. my 25 random things about myself. What's yours? ace kaye bea hann dhia 
thank you apriil for tagging me.

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