Sunday, January 13, 2013
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we had an over night stay at athena's place in marikina. well that was so fun hahaha :)  first we just met her baby sister. a 2 mos old baby ( i forgot her name) . she was so cute and adorable. and then we eat spaghetti that her dad made for us. i really like it specially the cheese on top haha. after dinner we played PS3. a really nice game console and  i want to have one too. but i need to save more money first and buy all this stuff as package including the flat screen TV. hihi for better visual resolution :) anyway but sadly this two girls always beat me to every games that we played haha shame on me right** 

i like the mind games, i forgot the title but that was so nice  but it takes too long to finish the games except  if you're  both smart regarding problem solving haha. i also like this games. walking dead ( i couldn't imagine to live like that haha but i like to have my own movie or even in real life, fighting with the zombies haha well i need to practice my killing skills in the future haha.) Persona ( nice anime characters. really like it. how i wish to find the anime version of it ) little big world racing version ( not sure the title haha. anyway that was so crazy. nice voodoo dolls avatars that you can costumize it for what look you want for them. crazy!:) we just laught all night because of them.). her dad treat us so well. pinag luto at inasikaso pa kami. really nice experience.

shot by athena :) better version haha

after a month of being not together
we're still friends forever. bond of love and  memories

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