Saturday, January 19, 2013
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one of my high school friend (ferdinand tadios) is on his difficult time of his life today. one accident could actually changed him forever. because of this accident he needs to undergo for above knee amputation and that's a permanent scar physically and more impact mentally. yeah, i don't know what will i do,if that the case happened to me. i know that his faith and courage by this time is already down. and lot of  questions that lingering on his mind that why this things happening to him.

this really hard of him. i couldn't imagine that this things would happened to we need to be more careful and be alert as always .for this kind of problem the only things that he should do is just to keep praying and faith for god. for positive side.after all he's still lucky because he's still alive after this accident and that's the things he should be thankful.

"sana ma-kaya nya yung mga nangyari sa kanya. alam ko naman na kahit di na kami naging close after high school days naging part pa rin sya ng maganda kong high school experienced hehe. kahit paano may pangarap din yung tao. kaya nakakapanglumo na malaman na parang isang saglit lang ng isang aksidente na bura lahat ng plano nya. lalo pa at di naman sila nakakaluwag sa buhay. kaya kung iisipin ko ma-swerte pa din ako kahit kadalasan puno ako ng problema. sa likod ng mga bagay na yun. buo at wala kaming sakit. ang problema ay problema kaya maging positibo para harapin ang lahat. lahat tayo humaharap iba't-ibang problema"

‎"Just because things aren't good now, doesn't mean they will be that way forever."

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