Saturday, January 19, 2013
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I've been  mentioning  this for so many times that for me, FRIENDSHIP is really important on my part. this kind of relationship is the things that i look for to every people i met. 

this is duday. (marilou segador) she's my bestfriends after my high school life. i don't know how our friendship started. we're starting being close after high school that is during our early college days. i know her more than to anyone and i really love her as my own sibling. we been sharing some secrets and confession that i don't dare to tell to anyone. she knows me well and family know her as well. no word could explained how duday's important to me and i'm willing to help and support her for any difficulties that she's been through. 

nalulungkot lang ako minsan. that i've been being set aside and being ignore. well. siguro nararamdaman ko yun kasi parang sa lahat ng problema nya lagi akong nan doon para makinig at suportahan sya. pero may pag kakataonginlove sya at masaya sya. ni di nya ako makuhang kamustahin at may pag kakataong iiwanan pa ako kahit mag kasama kami.

i felt being used and taking for granted. nararamdaman ko na maaalala nya lang ako pag may problema sya sa family at sa buhay pag ibig nya. sasamahan nya ako pag alam nyang wala na syang ibang masasamahan. ok lang naman sa akin yun, di ko naman hinahanap na maging priority nya ako. pero yung mga oras na kailangan ko sya, ni di nya ako  makuhang kamustahin at damayan.

 "na-alala ko nung di ako pumasa sa unang take ko ng board exam, ni di nya ako kinamusta kung ok lang ba ako? yung feeling na nag hihintay ako ng comfort galing sa kanya at kay carene alam ko naman na sa sarili ko hindi ako nawala sa tabi nila nung may pinag dadaanan sila sa buhay. nakakalungkot lang" 

nakaka disappoint lang on my part. all this years, I'm been  always here for her ano ba naman yung i-text nya ako dahil gusto nya ako kamustahin di dahil wala syang problema. makikipag kita nga sya , dahil merong syang problemang kailangan i voice out. :( anu ako shock absorber? .mag-aadvice ako pero in the end sya rin naman yung masusunod. paulet-ulit lang yung usapan. given na yung advice an di masusunod, its her choice  kung gagawin nya. pero kung lagi na lang nauulit, ano ba naman yung makinig sya at mag timbang sa lahat ng bagay

ni minsan di pa ako niregaluhan ni duday. well di naman ako materialistic pero alam mo yung the fact na may value ako as bestfriend at gusto ko maramdaman yun. ako alam ni duday yan na handa akong ubusin lahat ng resources ko para lang mapakita na may value sya. yung time na walang wala sya handa akong magbigya at sumuporta kasi alam kong kailangan nya ako. hehe sumbatan? nag-ddrama lang ako. sana marealized ni duday.

the fact that i miss her kaya medyo nag ddrama ako. nakakainis naman kasi yung parang di ako nag eexist pag-di nya ako kailangan.alam ni duday kung ano ang kaya kong gawin at ano ang kaya kong ibigay pag may problema sya. alam na man nya siguro na di ko sya kayang iwanan pag may problema sya sana ganoon din sya para sa akin.

thankful pa rin ako, kasi alam ko naman na mahalaga pa rin ako para sa kanyan at may iba pa rin akong mga kaibigan na nagbibigay ng value para sa akin :)  after this drama mahal ko pa rin si duday at di mag babago yun gusto ko lang i voice out lahat ng worries ko.

no situation could change my love for her. maybe i'm disappointed by this time,but it doesn't mean that i hate her. i'm just being jealous for some instances because i just felt that i'm being ignored.  well i  just learned that no matter what attention i put to someone,but its my choices if i'm still willing to be that person even i didn't get the same things i want. different level of friendship for different people but for me i put my highest level of appreciation to all my friends and they know who they are.

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