Friday, January 25, 2013
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I'm currently checking my mini planner for this week past happening :) [Influence by ace] this week is kinda boring no major things happened Y_Y.My life still mind-numbing well I always tried to make my days especial every week Haha like buying some stuff or foods just to feel better. But this week I’ve been in tight budget so i need to save my allowance for this whole cut off. Poor me**

I’ve been in office (Accenture) the whole week. No appointment or secret application for this week hahaha anyway my scheduled final interview in EKFC is cancelled so another depressed moment for me but looking forward for the lineup since we’re been prioritize for the next offer. :)

receptionist for the past 2 days.. since carene is doing her scheduled application and besides she's always late hahaha so i've been taking the recep area during morning. so last thursday since carene is on leave . i'm the one who make the report and send it after the process hahaha. kinda nervous because  i'm too scared because I'm still not sure if that report is correct. but gladly i did it without any erratum or mistake  hahahaha.

last friday Ms. ai, heard me while managing those candidates. and she told me that my communication skills are improving hahaha that moment i'm little bit shy or conscious hahaha anyway the fact that those words are from to ms. ai but back on my mind "parang di naman hahaha" anyway that is really flattering :)

this week is really draining for me. hahaha duday and carene owe me some cash. well i've been good to them right** and i hope they're do the same things for me as well.

my recep days and after work craving #watermelon

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