Monday, January 28, 2013
saturday to sunday happenings :) Posted at 12:06 AM 6 comments (+)
party on jamie's crib last saturday because of her mom's birthday. (tita jeana) so we're all invited there but not all our bestfriends are able to go with us. anyway that was so fun and i enjoyed all the foods prepared by tita jeana, that was so good :) and  its nice having a good time chatting with them.

Diona, Gile, Phen (abby's sister), abby, mia and tiff

~pero parang masarap din manapak ng tao nung saturday. ewan ko parang nasanay na lang yung boyfriend (jeck)  ni tiff na biruin ako. you know making fun of me! its Bullsh#t ! sometimes i'm not in the mood taking those jokes and just letting others laughing .and ending up that they're all teasing me. wala kasi sa lugar yung joke. parang seryoso akong nakikipag-usap pero babanatan ka ng pang-aasar and as far as i know were not friends. feeling ko tuloy ang fake ko sa isang tao.. lalo na pag alam kong di ako ok pero i pretend that i'm ok. gusto ko lang kasing marealized nila/nya na off na yung sinasabi nila. awkward moment for me. tskk.


after party in jamie's place. we decided to have an overnight chitchat at abby's place hahaha that was really fun. we're all playing "inbetween and tonghits" with murami [25cent] while drinking OR-GY [lambanog] mixed with sprite while diona is sleeping beside us  hehe anyway that really good,it taste like bubble gum and its color blue my favorite shade [soory dont have picture of it] anyway that was really great having a goodtime with them. after laughing all night were just sleeping around 2am hahaha and I'm just dizzy and my world spinning around my head ahaha when i woke up after a couple of hours of sleeping " my face sucks! when i checked it  haha and they're full blown pimples haha hate it! and I just need to accept it 

after fixing ourselves and some chitchat. we went on Quipo Church for attending a sunday mass but before that, we're just decided to had breakfast and we are all particularly craving for LUGAW. after for long search for lugaw stall. were just lucky to found it besides on church's entrance. that lugaw experience is really sucks!

"yung nag titindang matanda parang ang sama ng loob nya na may customer sya. ang sunggit ni nanay Y_Y cguro super stressed na xa sa pag-titinda. pero sana di nya pinapakitaan ng masama yung mga customer para balikan sya. nalalag pa yung coin dun sa isang kalderong lugaw O_O thank you at nabigyan ako agad ng lugaw."

really tired and wasted but i enjoyed my weekends with them.

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