Saturday, July 6, 2013
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last night we just have a fun day with my bestfriends at start city . we got a good deal at metro deal and bestfriend tiff organized this gateway . but since last day had a storm signal no. 2 in some part of the country and might as well a heavy rain here in metro. so as much we want to ride those outdoors extreme ride. but we can't and the least we can do is to stare. and wishing to stop the rain O_O anyway we're all happy being together, i hope that there's a chance to be us complete soon.

i really had fun in winterland. hehe parang- korean novela lang. yung umuusok yung bibig ko sa sobrang lamig, grabe feel na feel ko :) parang nasa malaking freezer lang kami hahaha.. masaya talaga sya. tapos yung laser light or laser tag, haha yung ang saya din nun :) well gusto ko din yung ganung activity barilan hahaha.may thrill naman kasi ee.

ang corny ng mga horror house. pero nakakagulat yung mga effects haha tapos may bigla pang malalaglag na ulo hahaha epal lang., pero infairness malamig saka malakas yung aircon :)

its so nice to feel, that you're have true friends. hindi man kayo mag-kita araw araw. pero alam mong nan-jan sila para sa maging masaya lang. at alam mong walang iwanan. no pretension and just being the way we are.^^

* sana  yung lahat makasam na sa susunod O_O para mas masaya.

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