Sunday, May 19, 2013
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i've been busy for this past few weeks. and i'm so damn tired.  hahaha well i should be happy because i'm blessed to had my work.and these days, looking for a better job is definitely a challenge for anyone.

demand for out sourcing people for this month is just a huge work for us. and that is really good right? hahaha a bit sacrifices when it comes to time and social life.well i'm talking about overtime and some goodtimes. and this past few days i had lot of overtime and usually late out just to finish all my stuff. i couldn't take to leave it all my work and do it to another day  Y_Y and that's being "ningas kugon". why should i do it tomorrow if i can do it now. instead i'll take it as positive as i wish hehe well more overtime it's means more money hahahaha.

i never forget to have some fun when i had spare time. spending time with friends is really great. like going to church during weekends with abby. and recently we just met and  makes me wait for 2hrs. urgg >_< i've been early because our house's ceiling needs to fixed. as early as 7am. would you imagine our house without bubong hahaha ~ang init init nga eh so i decided to leaved early hahaha saka makatakas sa trabaho :)

~abby had her new phone samsung galaxy SIII.and i'm dying because i also want to have that one :(

huhuhu i need android phone pls. and i felt outdated because everyone had their android phones and iphones. and me even i've worked but i had this phones. ( nokia expressmusic and C5-03) but couldn't let this phones or give it away to my siblings. and that's my problem, letting something for me is really hard ~ "may sentimental value kasi and treasure ko kasi lahat ng bagay na meron ako kahit bigay lang at binili ko, maingat talaga ako sa gamit. di ko maiisip na ipamigay gamit ko. maiinis lang ako pag nakita kong di inaalagaan ang gamit na iibigay ko" so i can't help it if i see those things. parang ang damoooot ko diba? hahah well that's me. O_O

~i envy abby and athena as well because of that S3. they bought it online at kimstore (click this link and you'll see those gadget they sell) i believed this is leggit hehehe :) when S4 was launched  a month ago. and that time S3 had its price drops, a huge price drop online. so i'm here dying to buy it. but i can't decide,well i considered a lot of  things before i bought something. i know its "LUHO" and i don't need it as much i need savings. if i do that, its a huge adjustment to my savings. and i know that there more other things are much important than this. but i really want to have that one. bahala na.

huhuhu i'm really torn. 

May 15~
Karaoke time with onboarding team :) that was a really good time with them.  having dinnner at mang inasal and kantahan afterward. bonding moment with them is just an escape after work. yun nga lang di ako kumanta~ shame on me, O_O as much i want to sing. but i dont want to put my self on a spot.and feel disappointed about my talent hahahaha -ihhh kakainis gusto ko kumanta like the end the world pero mahiyain ang boses ko at matutulog pa rin as always hahahaha.

May 18~
since gile is about to leave this May going to Saudi. we had a bonding moment with mia. and these things i'm surely miss. :( karaoke and movie date at sm manila. ~same above. my singing career is now fading way :( hahaha i need to practice at least one song right? para di naman ako nganga sa kantahan O_O anyway. i hope gile will be ok in saudi. and now reaching her dreams is now on her way. after 2years magkikita kami ule and i hope ok sya doon. matapang naman at alam kong kakayanin nya. nakakamis yung biglang lakad tapos magsisimba sa baclaran at quiapo, pupunta sa SM manila para magpalipas ng oras. :| yung usapang may sense at kabuluhan sa bawat pinag uusapan. 

~i love them as much they love me. be proud and happy to have them. life won't be complete with real friends. thru thin and thick they're always there.

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