Sunday, April 28, 2013
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i really had fun this weekends :) i'm with my friends spending this weekends with so much happiness. we just beat the heat overnight.

Good thing kasi naka sama si athena at Rj :) mejo matagal na din namin na di nakasama si athena sa ganoong happenings. well for the rest of "bestrfriends" nakasama naman yung mga madalas na present. sad thing coz mia wasn't able to joined us, kasi may duty sya sa mental >_<  i know how she wanted to be with us pero may mga priority sya na dapat unahin. and that's understandable ^^)

and one thing more, really! dionna had her SAMSUNG NOTE :) and i had my chance to explore it for a day. yes that was so cool thing! and how i wish to have that one soon. super nice ang cute lang nung setting at apps. *and i'm dying because of that haha (envy) ~but i prefed samsung Slll, for now i need to save some bucks for that. hahaha hanggang pangarap muna ako sa android phone.

face time with athena using samsung note :) 

finally :) beat the heat.

yan ang friendship nag-lulunuran sa 7ft pool :)

hay~ as much i want to put all the pictures here but it's too much. *crowded~

anyway, this is really funny and enjoyed life. after a week of stressful life and badbives out there. well this is the right time to enjoy and feel the heat from the sun.

SUNDAY~ is IRON MAN 3 DAY , but of course with Gerlyn :)

this is really anticipating movie for me since last year. and i been waiting for this since then :) 
he's my idol and dream role someday hahaha how i wish to wear that suit for a day. 

 gerlyn and i really had fun for this. we're so amazed about the graphics and all the unexpected scene there. and of course, how tony stark cracked a joke :) bentang benta lang. but i'm a bit sad about the ending. and how they end this hero. but looking forward for next installment. and i hope so hahaha

(photo provide by google )

this is the highlight for me, i couldn't imagine how many iron man suit  flies on the sky. and fight together as one. that was awesome. :) #supernice.

~gerlyn and i had a very long and deep conversation about life. well, for us we need this kind of conversation and have some break about out daily worries :) and reflecting how lucky we are, in spite of all worries that we faced everyday.

and this time i've realized how boring gerlyn is, hahaha
sa dami ng nabasa nyang novel/books, grabe nalula ako. di ko alam kung paano nya nabasa yung ganoo kadaming libr0. :) at idol ko sya. kasi ang lawak ng imagination nya.

let's enjoy life. and pray as always.

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