Wednesday, April 3, 2013
bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo? Posted at 11:15 PM 10 comments (+)

Nabasa ko na yung book ni Ramon Bautista na "bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?" :)

well curious lang ako regarding sa libro. kung ano ba yung content ng gawa nya? may kwenta ba? or puro love ba? and anything about the book.

so upon reading this book. it makes my mind clear that this book is not just about Love problem. and i just find it cool like those question and answer portion scheme. not the usual book that the author tells something about the story and narrating it until the end of the page. well, this book is just a simple questions and answers info. (he gathered all the material from his formspring account) as usual there some answer that not so serious but funny and when you look on the other side and you might think this way "well OO nga noh" :)

my favorite lines:

" kasi naman, ang buhay ay hindi cheesy at romantic tulad sa tv at pelikula, mapait ito at masakit at sinasabi natin 'yan kung paano natin nararanasan"

"basta ako, naniniwala na trying to forget someone you love is like to remember someone you never met"

"Hindi ako naniniwala sa fate, destiny and soulmates, ang mundo ay binubuon ng mga pangyayaring random na kaganapan"

~ako naninilawa pa din pero totoo din naman na lahat ng nangyayari sa mundo ay random :) make sense

"moving techniques: kung hindi mutual ang feelings natin,pwes, gagawing kong mutual. ayoko na rin sa'yo"

Revenge - Simply put, the best revenge is to live an awesome life.

haha well agree ako sa no. 3. isa sa mga factor talaga yan :)

i feel for him O_O in some point. i felt that way. tskk drama haha
nice answer : do whatever makes you less tanga. pero in reality mahirap din talaga mag move on ah :)

this thing, isn't right ? :) make sense

movies are really far from the Reality  but close enough to realized everything 

this part enlighten me. well i've been depressed lately. and irealized that "oo nga bored lang ako at nag seself-pity" and now realizing everything and be positive as always. eliminate stress :D

 and this things as well super positive

made my day profile picture-genic :) thank you photoshoped

thank you Don. Ramon B.
Nice job :)

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