Friday, February 8, 2013
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 days are running so fast. now is on 2nd week of feb and still stucked up here.
whole week in office (accenture) i've been busy doing my own stuff recep and call outs >_< and ms. ai  reminds me regarding to my 80 candidates, i need to call them one by one for invites (PHRN). i tried  to sent them message via text blast but its kinda confusing typing those mobile numbers continuously  and it gives a headache after a few minutes. and hard time waiting those message to be send one by one. and waiting for confirmation ~yung iba tamad ba mag reply sasagot na nga lang kung interested or not interested (anyway i feel for them gawain ko din yun dati, pag alam kong BPO company na yung mag tetext autodeleted  na sila sa inbox ko hahahaha )

i'm disappointed because my blackberry showcase has been cancelled O_O and as in i'm preoccupied, until in my dreams that i ready had this phone hahahaha. my plan is like this, mama roma, tried to applied in Globe for plan and she actually want the sim only for her iphone but since same charge or same scheme.. with or without the unit, so i just talked to her that i'm willing to buy the unit. and we all agree regarding for the payment. so when the time we went to globe outlet in gateway were ready for her application , and then one of the customer service rep. there talked to us that her application has a tendency to declined or denied since a minimum qualification of that is at least she had a 2 years connection to his currently company as employee and this is applicable to all BPO company.
O_O nanghinayang lang akoooo hahaha pero ok lang on the brighter side Wala akong gastos at di ko rin naman kailangan ng bagong phone :D

anyway, dahil sa bored ako araw araw wala akong ginawa kundi kumain maya't maya :) this is Gluttony  and i received treat to mama roma and carene -- Chattime and Burger king from them. and carene bought new phone and watch  since she already received her money from "paluwagan"  and I'm just like this "wooooow daming pera" and back on my mind "pls. spend that money wiselyyy or else can you just give me some bucks hahahaha" i know carene that she's not good handling money.siguro kung kasing tipid ko sya and dami na rin nyang pera"

nararamdaman ko na rin yung transition ni carene sa recep O_O -- nagbibigay na rin sya ng mga spiel sa pet. and i already had my access in brainbench T_T geez! do i need to be excited or whatever?? hahaha

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