Friday, February 1, 2013
a moody week to february :D Posted at 11:20 PM 3 comments (+)

this week is really a head turning up side down. and i feel that this is not for me.hahaha because i felt moody last sunday and i bring it until monday is a moody day for me because i woke up late, long trip going to office, a head burning MRT experienced and a bad jokes. these all things makes me irrated and felt uncomfortably all when tiff ( closefriends) cracks some jokes and start to teased me >_< i just felt annoyed and got hurts. and i'm just like pissed off and i keep shouting and throwing some bad words at back on my mind. and asking my self that "why me" and referring to them that they need to be sensentive enought for what i feel sometimes. maybe i'm not always a happy person that they know but i'm just still a human that can feel bad sometimes. haha yuck too sensitive pagu** bakit ba? ee wala ako sa moody eh

so i didn't talked tiff the whole day and i just keep quiet. know just pretending that she doesn't exist
but still i love that panda hahaha it just happened that i need some space to be okay.. but right after that day i tried to reach her thru OC (office com. chat) and we're okay after that :D tiff is not just a simple workmates for me there something between us hahaha i feel comfortable with her.

the following day. i've been assigned to recep since carene is on leave to attend some scheduled interview on IBM, makati, and Ortigas. T_T and ace is also absent for the following day,also for her sched. interview. and these things makes me worried and being alarming on my part. they starting moving for their career and i'm still there hanging and thinking for my next step O__O and i felt that ms. jean is also panicking these days because if in case two people in recruitment center will be out and they need to find for another people to do their stuff. the fact na iiwan na nila akoooo Y_Y

anyway carene make it to passed all the assessment in IBM and she is already for the background check. and as far as i know, she already file for resignation and rendering 30days in accenture. well feeling bad ~kahit paano naman Okay naman kami ni carene ee. nakakamiss din yung magkasama kami sa recep even i had a hard time working with her hahaha but the end of the day mag kaibigan naman kami nun.. saka ang balak ko eh yung uunahan ko syang mag resign hahaha :) hahaha i hope she's doing well there and a big goodluck for her new career. at sana matuto na syang mag-save and being matured enough to be responsible sa lahat ng gagawin nya. (maka-goodluck at maka pag advice naman ako hahaha ) ms. jean already talked to me regarding for my extension .. and her adviced that my contact extension is 1 year and i'm just like "thank you ms. jean, thank you po" hahaha i don't know if i feel happy because i'm still extended within a year seriously! i'm not even excited about that. because i know in my self that i had plans that i need to be consider but u know doing some decisions, we don't really know, if that decision is good or it will be bad. well that's life**

ms. ai, noticed my white socks. and she's start freaking out like " you're like a high school student, you shouldn't wear that. hahaha " and tried to called sir wielan and they're start laughing so hard :D i don't know that this is not a proper socks that i should wear. hahaha anyway sir wielan gave me his brand new black socks. and i thanked him for that.

goodluck for me next week. i'll be in recep the whole week with carene. kinda worried and tense working with her. because i just feel her authority down under my skinnnn Y_Y being traumatize*** sana wag akong nganga the whole week. hahahaha 

wishing for good this month

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