Sunday, February 3, 2013
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saturday plan is all set. abby texted me regarding for our application hahaha so i'll decided to go with her even thou i'm so lazy to do some stuff. >_< because my body, my mind and my FACE needs some rest and my plan for that whole day is to get some sleep T__T but you know i just think that i need to make some step for better tomorrow hahaha  dreamer**

i just went to abby's dorm for some editing to our resume hahaha *bad doing,but i just keep doing it. no choices ee anyway a long story. so we just went to makati for agency and having for our interview  i wasn't prepare for that O_O seriously! i don't know what will happened after that. hoping***

anyway i told to abby that i'm going to stay with her at their dorm. and i suggest to make some spaghetti since i was "bitin" eating spag. at mcdo O_O but we end up cooking sopas :) hahaha its a good decision anyway. so we just dropped by on the near super market along libertad and abby bought some stuff for Ron (her boyfriend) Y_Y ron is really lucky being abby's boyfriend. this is indeed! :) and we also bought some ingredients for sopas. after grocery we also decided to dropped by in Baclaran church for having a divine intervention for us :D *faith

i'm so tired all day! because of carrying those grocery bags. O_O i texted mia, i just asked her if she want to go with us and stay to abby's dorm.  ~super saya lang kumain kami ng sopas and kwentuhan and besides mia will start her duty as psyche nurse in mandaluyong and gile did passed in HAAD - not sure if that is correct term. well that is exam for middle east for those nurses who had plan to work there. O_O ingget much* GOODLUCK for them and i wish the best for them :) anyway  akala nila dun kami matutulog but i need to go home. and i need to meet gerlyn because she's  going to pay me :) and i had an bonding moment with her nag lakad kami papuntang karuhatan valenzuela :D  

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