Saturday, March 23, 2013
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ang panget lang ng pakiramdam ko this past few days. parang ang lungkot lang pakiramdam ko T_T
yung tipong ang bigat ng dala dala ko. tapos napaka nostalgic ng paningin ko. :( ewan ko ba? sobra lang siguro ang nararamdaman kong pag ka bored sa buhay. yung tipong pati sa trabaho tinatamad na din ako. parang ayaw ko ng pumasok dahil sobra akong nabbored at toxic sa office. ang empty empty ng pakiramdam ko lately. Depression

pag uwian galing work. parang nakakatamad mag lakad. ang lungkot pa ng pakiramdam sa byahe. yung marami akong naiisip ng mga bagay (flashback) tapos sasabayan ba ng lecheng mellow music and love song T_T lalong nakaka boost ng depression at ngayon umuulan pa :( this is a sign of depression and maybe leading to suicide? this can't be happening hahaha. 

"maybe, i miss being with someone? my friends.they're all busy with their own lives and this is the time i need to think my own life too. move and step forward. i dunno, but i keep thinking for future and gives a hard time to digest everything. some of them had their own way for better tomorrow, but me still stuck up for where i started. frustrating thou."

"current status : my left chest feels uneasy and heavy"

"maybe, this is my way to reflect and collect those feelings. emptiness and being emotional isn't a sign of weakness. anybody could possibly feel the same thing.Sometimes a smile isn't a smile, it’s a projection of pain being endured at its finest But seriously.Most of the times it is true."

"can't promise but i won't be sad this week. think positive and i'll try to be happy no matter what"

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