Wednesday, March 13, 2013
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 Rona's last day March 12. one of the saddest day here in accenture.

well people leave because they need to grow and move for next step. they also have plans for their lives. and that is the things that i need to used too. accepting that anyone could leave and let you alone for a while. there's no permanent in this world, even the time and people around you. time could past and people may also leave. but it doesn't mean that you can't live alone. maybe of now but eventually you meet new people and make a friends.

its sounds corny and too emo ~ but its means a lot for me.
she's the person that i talked to whenever i felt upset and disappointed. a good listener and adviser. Bully and funny.  times that we're happy talking for some common about us. Anime, kpop drama, food, love and life perspective. whenever she is, i hope she's happy and good.

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