Friday, March 8, 2013
we get tired and we eat :) Posted at 8:18 AM 6 comments (+)

i don't know how this week starts. hahaha anyway, this past few days i been eating and eating the whole day. hahaha and this boredom turns to be an eating habits. sarap kumain ee talaga

nomnomnomnom photo tumblr_me96wv4pMh1qdlkyg_zpsaeb59e09.gif 

ace and i had dinner foodtrip in S&R last tuesday after searching for a Notary public stand along aurora street in cubao. for her clearance in st. luke's hosp.  well another sad sorry, O_O ace also want to leave and now she's already searching for better job. photo tumblr_me96wfvO8S1qdlkyg_zpscc6ce569.gif #alarming on my part tsk! well i hope that she could find it soon. ^_^) well now i'm also planning for that. hehehe  and last friday kumain din kami with mama roma at alvin sa S&R. (picture provided by google)

~well ace is on leaved last wed, because she need to attend her interview in st. luke's , so i been assigned in pet, O_O seriously? kinakabahan ako hAHAHAah anyway OK naman haha maliban sa mga RN na di ko na update. and the following day, this is most annoying things that day. well yung tracker na ginagamit ko sa recep. all of a sudden biglang bumigat yung load ( talking about the properties ) >.<
KAKAASAR LUNGS! O_O hahaha pero ok na nagawan ko naman ng paraan at gumawa ng ako ng backup.

"people leave because people get tired"

how i wish

last day, miss zen asked me if i also  have plans applying abroad ? and i say yes. yun advice nya na "mag earn muna daw ako ng experience para may career path na raw ako katulad ni ace and carene" well kahit paano it make sense hahaha -- tulad dati baguhin ko daw yung password ko : "foreveralone" i'll never be alone sabi ni miss zen ~ ok naman si miss zen yun lang minsan may ibang aura sya na di ko ma explain. may instinct talaga haha. well i can't judge people by a random feelings."dahil my kanya kanyang pinagdadaanan tayo"

mid week - abby talked to me for her prospect agency going to dubai,. well she trying to convince me to take the HAAD exam for that. and  for my experienced i need to fake it just to be process for that post Nursing home. for me, i had a lot of questions? and i'm too hesitant for this. ayoko mandaya baka bigla akong bumingo lagot! hahaha and if i take that exam, there's any assurance that i'll be selected for that post.and as far as i know medical muna bago yung interview. its sound stupid for me. >_< anyway! it should  her choice and i don't have any rights to pull her back, hmm advice lang siguro but its up to her. maybe it this is the time to make my own plan..


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