Thursday, February 14, 2013
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alright this is a valentines day. everybody should be happy right? either single or in relationship.
well of course, those people in relationship is indeed happy. because they having a partners celebrating this especial day. and for those single like me. this day is such a worst day hahaha or should i say, that this day is a simple day.but  i don't feel it the same way because whenever side i turned my head there's always a red stuff, flowers and couple out there. shouting that feb 14 is a valentines day :) hahahaha


here in office. some of my officemates recieved their valentines presents from their boyfriends. yezzzz that so chessy hahah anyway i'll just find it cute and sweet. maybe soon i also do it too with my special someone. well on the brighter side, i don't need to spend money for flowers and chocolates hahaha kuripot much ***

i end up helping carene carrying  those stuff. O_O shame on me** "i'll do it for the free fare in taxi hahaha. really sucks pagu (^_^ other nickname, my high school friends called me that way) ~ hay nakuuu kung di lang uuwi si leo di naman ako sasabayan ni carene hahaha bitter? no! hahaha expect the unexpected since carene didn't expect it. well at least she received gift from leo.

~tingin ko na pilitan lang akong bigyan ni mama roma ng toblerone 0_0 ; hahaha kasi naman lahat binigyan nya. and i told her "bakit ako wala T_T " ( tongo long pagu ~ bata lang? hahaha-- back on my mind ) hahaha yun mukang napilitan ata kaya inabutan na din nya ako hahaha. anu ba yan nang lilimos ng pag mamahal sa iba hahaha be a man dude ! anyway binigay ko sa nanay ko yung chocolates para isipin nun sa akin galing ~ hohoho  i dont know, di kasi ako shooowwy sa familiy ko. i find it corny and pakitang tao well alam naman ni god na mahal ko sila. di ko lang masabi, diba ok na yun.

and i just spend my whole day in office doing my call outs and pet stuff:

creepy ace @_@
this is ace and how she played my phone cam. kulit :D

pet life :D

chocolates from tiff :D very sweet panda :D

chocolates from mama roma (na napilitang magbigay hahaha) and from tiff
and sir carlos gave me this piece of paper O_O and i'm shocked what is inside
hahahah bad bald man.

roses from sir wielan :D

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