Friday, March 1, 2013
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oh right. here me again .. doing this long kwento hahaha :D

this is my first week as receptionist as carene move out for good. O_O well i think i'm doing good  for this task. since right now we don't have any demand for project. so my day passed so smooth. except last Friday since i need to resend the report on the previous day because of wrong tagging of passed candidate in HR interview . anyway this will be the start of my agony for future mistakes hahaha

~on my first day on recep i've fell the mug while finding for something. and it broke into pieces. haha and i'm in a hurry to cleaned it. i think that is a goodluck sign for me hahaha and i hope so! 

this week run so fast. i had lot of call outs PHRN, USRN. FINANCIAL RISK ANALYST  and for OFFER and you named it. darn* the annoying things here, they're just giving this task when its too late. like an hour to go before my shifts. this really annoying and gives me a headache to finished it. specially if its a job offer so i need to complete those slot for scheduled offer on the ff. day. >_< oh well one recruiter had that bad habit. (no need to dropped name) hmmmm. kakaiinis lang talaga. since this time i'm not allowed to rendered over time.~

~and this week i also had my appointment in my agency PMBSI- i thought is all about my contact extension T_T haha  but i'm wrong. jobent and i have the same agency . so we went together after work. they just explaining for some company issues and policy. well i don't have any big issues for them. except for late payroll and no payslip . and the rest i enjoyed being part of them. haha not like for ace and carene's agency, that is Bullshit P4P haha. poor* i think,the'ye really need to closed it. or to change their management for better process.

~my sister had a new tablet (TORQUE) -- that was given to her last friday i think? haha anyway nice stuff i want to have one soon :D but sadly that tablet not last for 1 week and already broken. that was so sad :( my younger brother broke it unintentionally, he just dropped it on the floor while playing it secretly O_O and that was on 4am. and my sister freaking out when she knows it that her tablet fell. and the things she can do is to cried. and i'm just holding back my anger that moment because its too early for any commotion. my brother keeps telling that he's "Kinakabahan" and chilling for nervous. and i scold him and yelling as well >_< and my mom keeps depending him unconsciously until that night. O_O ewan ko kung mapapalitan pa yun. i feel sorry for my sister, well she's not self centered and selfish like me. so she doesn't deserved it. yun lang minsan kasi dapat talaga maging maingat ka talaga sa gamit . well that is the lesson that they need to learn.

nica visit us. i'm so happy to see her after we see each other a few months ago.
she's really pretty with her super short hair and she also lose weight from the last time i see her

onbording team and the abs team with me also hahaha

 jobent treat me together with rona. because he won in lotto for 4 digits.  not bad right. 2k din yun.

i saw this cute coin purse. while cleaning carene's bin. hehe and i been using this now :) sana pusa*

 Broken mug and tablet . DQ from jobent and Note book from carene's bin :) 

now heading for this month. oh well! now looking forward for the things that possible happen this month. and i eat more and take those things slowly :D be happy and relax.

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