Saturday, March 30, 2013
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summer is officially started. and now i'm currently freezing in the sun hahaha. but before the long weekends start, accenture peeps planned an overnight swimming in bulacan hidden sanctuary resort. Ms.Aileen, Ms. Jinky, Jhay ann, Mama Roma and me unfortunately Jen wasn't able to go with us. because her daughter need to rush in hospital for checked up . i felt sorry for jen, because she's very excited for this overnight and she's the one who insisting this things.  but we're happy that her daughter is now better. 

w're just had an exciting experienced along the way. well, a heavy traffic in edsa and we're just stuck up for almost 1hr. 0_0 & mama roma felt guilty because we're waiting for her for almost 2 hrs i guess ?! haha. sobrang tagal O_O anyway after reaching balintawak and we need to ride bus or van going to bulacan tungko***  and the most funniest thing ever happened that time hahaha since holiday and  all the passengers  had a hard time waiting for their ride. and then right after we walked , we're all panicking and aggressively to ride on a newly arrived van. and ms. jinky push me inside the van while ms. ai tried to block the door just to take those seats. and she actually smock the girl who's trying to take her place. and ms. ai told to us. " sige pasok na kayo, ok na ako dito" and we're all thinking what she's mean about that , since there's no place for her hahaha since she's too big for small space near the door. anyway she make her self ok to that place and i dont know how? and we're all laughing after that. hahaha that's really hilarious.

~ nice chatting to ms. ai and ms. jinky. because we're all sleepy and tired but there's no place to sleep. so we decided to have a drink and make some talked. that was a career consultation between us and slash heart to heart talked :) well really nice to have that moment with them. jhay-ann had a difficult time to decide between her decision and steve plan. if she's going to Australia and live with steve or just to stay here and continue her work and grow for herself. she's too hesitant committing for new option if ever. well,  jhay-ann and her boyfriend are both unpredictable that's why they both unsure for  there relationship. well i hope they could find better option and sincerely moment for talk. 

anyway. setting goals for our self is the only option that we need to find better path. for this moment i'm still undecided and  trying to build my long term goals .but i had my goals for now.

photos over load :)

short review :

Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort,
Camansi Prenza 1, Marilao, Bulacan, 3019, Philippines

* no system when it comes accommodating guess.
reception area is not organize and there's no main personnel that responsible for everything.
*they don't know what cottages are unoccupied and occupied.
* stinky smell when you in a pool area.because i think there's a near poultry/hog farm within the area.
* pool water is not clear or not chlorinated and its look dirty  (or because its overnight that's why i don't appreciated the pool water maybe?)
*CR is not that so clean and even the stair and prone for accident because it's made on tiles and too slippery (cabanas area)

*clean area infairness except the CR and the stair :)
*not crowded.
*nice concept for canabas. i like the room with build in electric fan and two table with provided padlock except the thin long chair T_T. because we can't even seat properly.
*nice water supply 
*clean shower room for boys and provided shower tube per cubicle.

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