Sunday, April 14, 2013
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well its been a long time since my last post. hehe. alam na mga sentimento ko sa buhay lagi akong stressed  as much as possible gusto ko maging masaya well ok naman since nabasa ko yung book ni Ramon bautsita. feelin' goodvibes after that. but i can't denied that there's another factor that makes me stressed and I'm really bored. O_O

last week really fly so fast.and  i cant remembered those days. oh life why you're so fast. and now my futures really looking at me now. stop the drama pls! :)

this is nice about life :

we ate at ted's lapaz batchoy located in  ali mall cubao with Ace and mama roma :) this is a late dinner.that was last last friday hahaha

mang inasal at Balintawak branch together with mama roma :) this was last last week again. well i miss this food. so much memories brings to me when i eat this food. my college days and now :) and i considered it as my comfort food :)

after a while we just met again. and i really miss her. unlimited chitchat and kwento :) of course gala mode at sm manila for movie fiesta exorsimus with Gile.

 Hanging for a moment. and wait until we ride :)

morning tuesday :) while waiting for abby , i just recognized one college friend while waiting for my order. haha i'm just like an idiot trying to cover my face and pretend that i don't see anything. for me its awkward and stressful on my part beside i'm a little bit shy about my face because of this pimple issues :( anyway we're planning for future with abby and yet we end up for nothing that day hahaha because its a holiday. and for wrong info from jobent. so we just chatting the whole trip and i'm just like giving an opinion and advice for abby's problem about ron.(a couple problem) and i played a role of a bully friend hahaha just like teasing her and tried to break her until she cry."pero nag advice naman ako ng matino ayaw ko naman silang maghiwalay dahil sa konteng away" and i just felt that abby start to fall out love for ron. well i hope that i'm wrong, they're been for a long time and it could be a waste of time if they just break their relationship for one problem. sana maging ok sila.
  haha anyway since were along the way. we decided to dropped by in baclaran church for divine intervention and guidance for future plans :)

one of my favorite place "baclaran church" this is really mean to me. a place when i need peace and guidance. served as my sanctuary. well a place that keeps a lot of memories way back college days and counting until now. GOD is really good

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