Sunday, April 21, 2013
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"biglaang plano" is really the best plan ever. nag over night kami ni gerlyn at athena's crib (saturday)
its been a long time since we see athena. and i really  miss her.  as usually gerlyn and i met at cubao (farmers jolibee ) at late sya hahaha :) so exactly 6pm.

kwentuhan at puyatan lang kami and as always daming food di kami ginutom haha. thank you lola and tito :).  and lola angela give me her ointment for wound i think that is antibiotic/antibacterial cream. because she just noticed my face and its worse state >.< and now seriously my self esteem really down.ahaha  anyway STRESSED talaga ako takte. ang sumpa ata to hahaha. but well the least i can do is to manage this as soon as possible and now i really need to start from the basic. and how i wish to be like gerlyn "dry skin lang ang problema hahaha sabi ko nga paliit kami ng problema" and we're just laugh so hard :) well that's friendship .

And athena fixed my laptop since i uninstalled all the Microsoft office a few months ago O_O haha i know i'm such a loser. anyway now i can use it anytime :)

we watched "american horror story" (TV series) that was so weird. its all about  psychological and insanity with the twist of real ghost. >_< and i don't get it. "ang gulo lang hahaha di ko pa kasi tapos panauorin "

my bestfreinds, what would do without this girls.

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